Leaders Are Created At Work, But Why Are Great Leaders Created At Home?

2 days ago, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweeted…
25 July, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

7 Ways That Helped Miss Independent Become Mrs. Independent

Writing Sunday’s article on the challenges that many single…
18 July, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

5 Reasons Why Single Independent Women in Dubai Choose Their Career Over Love Life

In the many cosmopolitan cities like Dubai around the world I’ve…
16 July, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

8 Excellent Ways To Initiate Your Mindfulness Journey (So That You Relationships Benefit From It)

Mindfulness is one of those things that popped out of nowhere…
4 July, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

3 Pieces of Life Advice You’re Given That Make No Sense (And What They Really Mean)

In society today we have so many opinions about how one's life…
2 July, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

7 Steps of Living an Even Higher Quality of Life

We are living in the most challenging, yet rewarding time of…
19 June, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

How to Stop People From Judging You

I've constantly heard people talk themselves in and out of…
7 January, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab

End The War Inside To Make Love Outside

When faced with life's day to day challenges, it is for people to…
2 January, 2017/by Khaled Ghorab
Can neediness be a good thing?

Can Neediness be a Good Thing?

Have you ever met someone who is so desperately in need for…
18 August, 2016/by Khaled Ghorab
Native American Proverb

A Woman’s Highest Calling

16 August, 2016/by Khaled Ghorab
Why Dating in Dubai Rarely Helps You Find Love

I Found Out Why Dating in Dubai Doesn’t Help You Find Love

Man, what happened…
16 August, 2016/by Khaled Ghorab
The Nagging Wife

How to Handle a Nagging & Complaining Wife

As a very common symptom of failing marriages today I must admit…
15 August, 2016/by Khaled Ghorab
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