Podcast Episode 10 – From Couple to Power Team with Tim & Ness

Ever wondered what’s better than being just a couple? Become a Power Team! That’s what our guests today have in store for us! Tim and Ness are a couple from Melbourne, Australia who dedicate their lives to learning, growing & leading in the area of relationships because they believe that it’s our relationships, and particularly our intimate relationships, that bring us the biggest opportunity for personal growth and true fulfilment in our lives. To them relationships are our vehicle for reaching our fullest potential in life and in love, and they are always striving to create and grow extraordinary relationships.

They co-host ‘The Relationship Revolution Show’ which is a 5 times per week podcast for those who want extraordinary relationships and an even higher quality of life. They dive into all relationship topics, plus interview super couples who are winning at relationships along with world class experts in the very same field. They are on a mission to give their audience (they call them ‘the revolutionaries’) the best mindset, tools & strategies to create extraordinary relationships. You can check their show out by visiting the link in this episode’s show notes.

Connect with Tim & Ness: