Podcast Episode 12 – Men Rule The World…? with Abdullah Al Qassab

Abdullah Al Qassab is was very interested in psychology and the general structures of society and the people around him, Abdullah initially became involved in smaller charitable projects which then grew with his own development.

This is also the time when Abdullah discovered his talent and passion for words. He embarked on a series of courses on public speaking, coaching and mentoring, leadership and presentation skills to hone these skills and better share his ideas and passion with/for the people around him. These days, Abdullah is using his talents to inspire, and for good causes. Describing his fellow Emirati youth as “in large parts a lost generation” due to the lack of guidance and role models, he brings enlightenment to them in his public lectures by creating links between history and modern day life, by raising awareness within the audience of their inherent and acquired skills by “connecting the dots” between their aspirations and their achievements, and by teaching them a things or two about being human.

Combining a solid foundation of broad knowledge with a strong sense of humour, Abdullah ensures that the core message is not only heard but also understood no matter who the audience is and which age bracket they ascribe themselves to.

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Podcast Episode 11 – F&B Businesses Do NOT Know How to Handle Positive Feedback

I have attempted to share positive feedback with so many restaurants, coffee shops, and other F&B businesses over and over again. But what I noticed was that they seem to be pushing it away! Yes! They push positive feedback away!  In this episode I share why they do that and how they recover from such a reoccurring mistake.

Podcast Episode 10 – From Couple to Power Team with Tim & Ness

Ever wondered what’s better than being just a couple? Become a Power Team! That’s what our guests today have in store for us! Tim and Ness are a couple from Melbourne, Australia who dedicate their lives to learning, growing & leading in the area of relationships because they believe that it’s our relationships, and particularly our intimate relationships, that bring us the biggest opportunity for personal growth and true fulfilment in our lives. To them relationships are our vehicle for reaching our fullest potential in life and in love, and they are always striving to create and grow extraordinary relationships.

They co-host ‘The Relationship Revolution Show’ which is a 5 times per week podcast for those who want extraordinary relationships and an even higher quality of life. They dive into all relationship topics, plus interview super couples who are winning at relationships along with world class experts in the very same field. They are on a mission to give their audience (they call them ‘the revolutionaries’) the best mindset, tools & strategies to create extraordinary relationships. You can check their show out by visiting the link in this episode’s show notes.

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Podcast Episode 9 – How to Move on From a Breakup (Love Life)

Breakups can be tough for most of us after we have had strong emotions towards that love partner for a period of time. We have a hard time, however, navigating through the pain and could possibly even hurt ourselves in the process even more. I recorded this episode to help you move past this chaos in a much better and smoother way.

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Podcast Episode 8 – ‘Just Read It’, He Said… with Omar Al Busaidy

Omar Al Busaidy is an Emirati entrepreneur, a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, and the author of the successful book ‘Just Read It’. With a passion for learning, growing, and contributing to society he has set out to writing a book that is so simple, yet so impactful for youth and generations to come. Celebrities in the UAE are already reading it! His passion for relationships is something we dive deep into because of his position at the World Economic Forum and his ability to network relentlessly. Got me really curious how he does it.

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Podcast Episode 7 – Become a Heart Master with Hanan Al Sammak

Hanan Al Sammak, a Half Kuwaity half Emirati woman, is the author of a book as well as a self-help YouTube channel both called “Hayatech” (which means Your Life in English). This woman is on a mission and it’s all about bringing positive change to society.

Her journey and work aims to reset the cultural uniformity in our communities today by spreading social justice as well as providing powerful intellectual, spiritual, and life changing tools for people who suffer from daily negative challenges. But most of all, this woman has a big heart! Her personal story will inspire you to look past your challenges in life and want to be a force for greatness for yourself and others.

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Podcast Episode 6 – How Adventure Reignites Relationships with Bradley Festraests

Bradley Festraets, a passionate adventurer, is the man behind Big Red Motorsports (Insta: @bigreddxb)in Dubai, UAE, a dune bashing tours business that takes people on these adventure rides to the unseen beautiful terranes in the UAE.

His trials and tribulations in life along with riding have taught him so much about how to become a better man, embrace uncertainty, and how to openly love. Bradley shares with us why the ingredient of adventure can positively impact our love lives, how a relationship is actually a tribe on its own, and of course, how he proposed to his lovely woman who is his fiancé today.

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Podcast Episode 5 – Relationships 2.0

The concept of relationships we’ve been taught by society and school is old, obsolete, and wrong! It is why people don’t live long term fulfilling and meaningful relationships at home, work, or in their business. In this episode I share the model I’ve created: Relationships 2.0!

Podcast Episode 4 – Listening as an Act of Love

When I looked around me and found that people in relationships and businesses were in conflict I realised that the cure wasn’t about solving a problem, but rather simply listening to the other side and self. When we don’t listen we don’t receive the other person, and hence, slowly destroy the relationship. Relationships are far more important than solving problems.

Podcast Episode 3 – Being a (Better) Man in Today’s World

“Being a man” is a taboo topic in today’s world, but do we REALLY know what a REAL man can be like? There are tips and tools, but nothing that speaks to the core truth of the man himself. Khaled, Burak, Hatem, & Steve are 4 men who share their deepest and most vulnerable insights from personal and professional standpoints.