7 Ways That Helped Miss Independent Become Mrs. Independent

Writing Sunday’s article on the challenges that many single independent women in Dubai face when choosing between career and love, I was sure that the need for a solution would arise. So I’ve put together solutions from my work with this very segment of women that created results for them on their journey to attracting their ideal partner.

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5 Reasons Why Single Independent Women in Dubai Choose Their Career Over Love Life

In the many cosmopolitan cities like Dubai around the world I’ve found that strong and independent women are facing a major challenge in their lives: They want to pursue their passions and/or career, but find it hard to focus on their love life, let alone finding a partner.

So why is it that many independent women in cities like Dubai choose their career over having or improving their love lives?

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Can neediness be a good thing?

Can Neediness be a Good Thing?

Have you ever met someone who is so desperately in need for attention and love? The kind of person who keeps jumping from one failed relationship or dating experience to another? He/she can also be the very same one in a relationship with you! He/She won’t stop texting, calling, checking on you, wanting to know where you are, needs affirmation that he/she is loved and understood at all times. And for some weird reason, it’s never enough for them to know, feel, hear, or see that they are loved! In this audio blog, I explain how it actually could be a good thing!

I Found Out Why Dating in Dubai Doesn’t Help You Find Love

Man, what happened to the dating scene in the UAE? What is up with the boring dinner dates, flakey people, and uncommitted males/females? Better yet, can someone explain the disappearing phantom men/women who never return the calls anymore? LOL! Well, I’ve got something for you!

In this video I describe an in-depth discovery as to why you may be attracting people in Dubai who have “not committed” written all over their foreheads (and hearts). It’s time to put an end to this misery and begin to know how to attract the right person for you.

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