Podcast Episode 12 – Men Rule The World…? with Abdullah Al Qassab

Abdullah Al Qassab is was very interested in psychology and the general structures of society and the people around him, Abdullah initially became involved in smaller charitable projects which then grew with his own development.

This is also the time when Abdullah discovered his talent and passion for words. He embarked on a series of courses on public speaking, coaching and mentoring, leadership and presentation skills to hone these skills and better share his ideas and passion with/for the people around him. These days, Abdullah is using his talents to inspire, and for good causes. Describing his fellow Emirati youth as “in large parts a lost generation” due to the lack of guidance and role models, he brings enlightenment to them in his public lectures by creating links between history and modern day life, by raising awareness within the audience of their inherent and acquired skills by “connecting the dots” between their aspirations and their achievements, and by teaching them a things or two about being human.

Combining a solid foundation of broad knowledge with a strong sense of humour, Abdullah ensures that the core message is not only heard but also understood no matter who the audience is and which age bracket they ascribe themselves to.

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