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Episode 13 – 3 Keys to Lasting Love

There is a shared belief amongst many men and women today that I found to be limiting their ability to attract or keep a passionate relationship; they believe that after all the effort put into their love life, love will eventually fade. And so, they fear being in love. For some reason, this belief is […]

How to Stop People From Judging You

I’ve constantly heard people talk themselves in and out of judgment. I have also been part of conversations in which a person feels “judged” or denies “judging” someone or something else. And ever so often do people ask: “How do I stop others from judging me?” It’s a question that lies deep within each and […]

End The War Inside To Make Love Outside

When faced with life’s day to day challenges, it is for people to find the right answers, but it truly is difficult for them to ask the right questions. I’ve often found that the common human being today will do his best to evade the internal challenges he faces inside of himself and will go guru hunting, information […]

Podcast Episode 12 – Men Rule The World…? with Abdullah Al Qassab

Abdullah Al Qassab is was very interested in psychology and the general structures of society and the people around him, Abdullah initially became involved in smaller charitable projects which then grew with his own development. This is also the time when Abdullah discovered his talent and passion for words. He embarked on a series of […]

Podcast Episode 10 – From Couple to Power Team with Tim & Ness

Ever wondered what’s better than being just a couple? Become a Power Team! That’s what our guests today have in store for us! Tim and Ness are a couple from Melbourne, Australia who dedicate their lives to learning, growing & leading in the area of relationships because they believe that it’s our relationships, and particularly […]