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7 Ways That Helped Miss Independent Become Mrs. Independent

Writing Sunday’s article on the challenges that many single independent women in Dubai face when choosing between career and love, I was sure that the need for a solution would arise. So I’ve put together solutions from my work with this very segment of women that created results for them on their journey to attracting […]

Episode 13 – 3 Keys to Lasting Love

There is a shared belief amongst many men and women today that I found to be limiting their ability to attract or keep a passionate relationship; they believe that after all the effort put into their love life, love will eventually fade. And so, they fear being in love. For some reason, this belief is […]

How to Stop People From Judging You

I’ve constantly heard people talk themselves in and out of judgment. I have also been part of conversations in which a person feels “judged” or denies “judging” someone or something else. And ever so often do people ask: “How do I stop others from judging me?” It’s a question that lies deep within each and […]