7 Steps of Living an Even Higher Quality of Life

We are living in the most challenging, yet rewarding time of our lives right now. The world has evolved so much to the point that the ability to envision, plan, and create a life worth living is absolutely possible.

Do you remember the time when becoming a millionaire was a dream that many people felt and knew was impossible to live? Right now, becoming one takes a year if you’re very focused and dedicated, and months if you work day and night. This is just an example of what it means for people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Look at traveling. It’s as easy as pie now. You could have the time of your life on an island for a week for as low as $1000 including travel and lodging.

For others, a higher quality of life means being around their loved ones. For you it may be becoming a serial entrepreneur.

The point is, with the resources available to us today, we can achieve pretty much anything we want.

That said, I wonder: Why don’t many people do so? What is in the way for many of you when it comes to living that kind of life today? Is it limited time and/or money? Is it that people could say negative things about? Is it the lack of support? What is it?

In my 7 years of coaching people from all walks of life I’ve discovered that there are 7 simple steps that can help any person or group of people live an even higher quality of life whether you live in New York, Dubai, Colombo, Oslo, or Johannesburg. You get the picture.


The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage. ~ Thucydides

Step 1: Hire a quality Coach (and/or Mentor)

Every stage in your life requires you to learn from a new or better teacher. When you were in school, you learned from the classroom teachers. In university/college you learned from your professor. At work you learned from your manager(s). In your business you learned from your business mentor. And so on.

There is always something to learn from someone who can help guide you towards your goal(s). But for the quality of life you are looking for, make sure you find the kind of coach who is 100% committed to your desires and dreams AND helps you make the very same commitment. This is the kind of professional who will hold you accountable to what you are looking to create in your life and its various areas. A quality coach will always make sure you’re on track with your actions so that you create the results you want. Coaching is about clarity, and with clarity comes responsibility for results.

Step 2: Rewire your outlook on life into quality beliefs about it

This is an incredibly crucial step for anyone who is on the path to achieving what he/she wants. Going through life with the same beliefs about it and its various areas will produce the same results you always had. Beliefs give any experience a certain kind of meaning. If you believe that it is impossible to have more time for yourself while trying to work on your time management skills, what result do you think you’ll produce in that area? It is the very same thing when I get clients who want to fall in love with a man/woman, but believe that men/women are hurtful people who will leave them someday. How can you desire something you believe will hurt you?

Step 3: Ask yourself higher quality of questions

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions” stated the world’s leading authority in personal change and transformation, Anthony Robbins. Everyone wants answers, but what happens when the answers we are looking for do not reveal themselves to you? What happens when life takes a sudden left turn and we you’re not prepared? Naturally, people start to ask lousy questions such as “why did this happen to me?” or “what did I do to deserve this?” or “who did this to me?”, and those are the kinds of questions that yield low quality results. Why? Because questions are results of our beliefs, and beliefs (as I mentioned in step 2) give meaning to our experiences. Better questions may look like this: “What is the gift in this experience?”, “How will this challenge/problem help me grow?” or “What part of me created or attracted this experience?”.

This is a skill that I highly encourage you to learn and master. If anything, this is the gateway to living a meaningful life in all its facets and areas.

Step 4: Strengthen your decision making muscle

How many important/big decisions do you think the average person makes in their lifetime? Probably 6 to 10, maybe? Here are some of them in no specific order:

  1. The decision to make your first friend in school
  2. Choosing your under/post-graduate studies’ focus
  3. Getting married to your love and life partner
  4. Deciding with him/her to have children
  5. The decision to work at the company of your first job
  6. Deciding on traveling for the summer
  7. Starting your savings account and deciding to commit to filling it up frequently
  8. Moving to or buying a new home
  9. Buying a car

If you think about it, some of your life’s biggest decisions took place after going through deep thought, and probably stress as well. But, why does this happen? Simple: Because seldom do people make life improving decisions. That’s why many of those listed decisions can be stressful. They don’t have to be. But they can be.

When you learn to make frequent and quick decisions, your thinking time spent on each one decreases to a considerable amount in which you can consciously and skillfully produce better results for your life. The majority of the world’s most influential people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about making decisions. They spend just enough time making them. And if things don’t work out the way they expected, they move on and make new and better ones. This is how you learn to make high quality decisions regardless of their weight.

Step 5: Commit to succeed

What is the toughest part of making a decision? It is not the consequences that you imagine may come with it. It’s the commitment to your moment of assertion. Actions speak louder than words, always. But, the majority of people today make decisions, take steps 1 to 5, and then go back on their word. Somewhere along the way they just choose to give up.

Giving up or procrastinating on your decisions is by itself a decision. It is a temporary decision to not succeed. Making it a habit makes it permanent.

Always make sure that you take each day as it comes. I always share with my clients that each day is a new “first step” day. Chunk down your commitment and actions into bite-sized pieces. Quit luring yourself into thinking you can take on the whole thing today. Commitment is about letting go of perfection so that you can give room for achievement to take place. Success only happens this way. There is absolutely no other way. Make peace with patience and you will be seeing better and higher quality results each day right in front of your eyes. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re producing results that are getting you closer to your desired quality life.

Don’t make this perfect! Take action. Period.

Step 6: Have your eyes set on the results… Without attachment to them

One word comes to mind in this step: FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Success. Simple, right? Well, there is a trap on the way of that course, and it’s called “attachment”. There is a beautiful thing about “you can do it if you put your mind to it” because you get to see your creation come to life day by day slowly, but surely. At times, however, you are thrown a curve ball and you face delays on the way. You might even make mistakes, decide to give up momentarily, or even choose a new path.

This right here is the trap. When people get overly attached to the result, they instantly turn achievement into resentment. In order for you to live a life worth life at the highest quality you desire, you must be able to let go of the attachment to the outcomes you’re after. Detaching from them means that you trust yourself in doing your best each day without focusing on the occurrence of the result right now. Just go. Allow yourself to get immersed into the journey and enjoy what shows up along the way. After all, every experience on this course is made to get you to live the kind life you want. It’s not about the results. It’s about the zest you experience on your journey.

Step 7: Choosing an even higher quality of life

I once asked on my Facebook page what living a life of purpose meant. After many replies I learned that it meant living a life worth living. But what does that worth mean to you? How do you want that lifestyle to look like? What kind of experiences are you taking part in on a daily basis?

If you can answer those questions, then you will be able to start living that kind of life today. There are so many people who not only don’t know what kind of life they want, but they also don’t know what to want in it. That’s because they do not understand or have truly experienced the power of choice.


Give yourself today the ability to choose the life you want to life without any exceptions or limitations.


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