Podcast Episode 5 – Relationships 2.0

The concept of relationships we’ve been taught by society and school is old, obsolete, and wrong! It is why people don’t live long term fulfilling and meaningful relationships at home, work, or in their business. In this episode I share the model I’ve created: Relationships 2.0!

Podcast Episode 4 – Listening as an Act of Love

When I looked around me and found that people in relationships and businesses were in conflict I realised that the cure wasn’t about solving a problem, but rather simply listening to the other side and self. When we don’t listen we don’t receive the other person, and hence, slowly destroy the relationship. Relationships are far more important than solving problems.

Podcast Episode 3 – Being a (Better) Man in Today’s World

“Being a man” is a taboo topic in today’s world, but do we REALLY know what a REAL man can be like? There are tips and tools, but nothing that speaks to the core truth of the man himself. Khaled, Burak, Hatem, & Steve are 4 men who share their deepest and most vulnerable insights from personal and professional standpoints.