This is currently one of the hot topics in the worlds of relationships and personal development; can men own who they are and grow from that?

There are so many misconceptions around what it means to be a “masculine” man. Some say it means you have to be an alpha male, and others say that it’s about confidence. But rarely do people look into the deeper aspect of the growth process of men.

I decided to interview an expert on this very topic this week to shine light on the hidden details of that process. That’s why I picked Ken Mossman – a Men’s Coach from New York City – and made sure I dug deeper with him into the finer print of masculinity, his personal life, and his Integrated Adult Masculine™ model. Some highlights of the interview are:


  • The difference between the adolescent and adult man

    Ken talks about how the adolescent man is highly fascinated by sex, while the adult male seems to be more focused on purpose and direction.

  • The Hollywood "hero" persona

    And how it hurt the image and perception around what it means to really be a man in our world today. Distorting that image has given many men the false identity of what seems to be a hero-Casanova complex!

  • How self-awareness and curiosity deepens love in relationships

    While most people think it’s about “showing” more affection and love, turns out that these 2 ingredients can truly transform the way men and women behave with one another in partnership. This is because curiosity focuses on knowing more about the person whereas self-awareness focuses on how we make them and ourselves feel in the process.

  • How to create passion in your relationship right now

    This is my favorite part of the whole interview: Ken states that it isn’t about trying to be passionate in the relationship or do such things. But rather to have a passion or hobby outside of it so that you can bring that energy of passion with you to your home. In order words, passion isn’t necessarily created from the relationship, but instead it is imported into it from the lives of each individual in it.

Ken Mossman is a highly acclaimed Men’s Coach who uses the model of the Integrated Adult Masculine. He has worked with CEO’s, business owners, artists, musicians, film-makers, and many more. Ken is a Senior Faculty Member with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is a program leader and supervisor in CTI’s certification program for aspiring coaches. He travels extensively leading their public and corporate programs. Ken lives with his wife and son – and an expanding quiver of guitars – in Upstate New York.

You can connect with Ken Mossman through his website or LinkedIn page.

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