My Promise To You

Whether you're an organization, business leader, or a start-up, your ability to leave a mark on this planet can be enhanced now! I'm passionate & committed to sharing with you state of the art tools that'll get you and your people to synergize greatly, widen & deepen your impact, and guarantee your legacy!

"Trust is the soil for collaboration & synergy. Vision is the fertilizer. Purpose is the root & stem. Action is the tree & its growth. And impact is how your shade benefits the world. Question is: How wide do you want your shade's surface area to be?"
~ Khaled Ghorab

What's in it for you?


Disarming the relationship toxins and rebuilding the foundation of the team to remove any blocks of separation instantly creates a toxin free team! This is where your team’s health needs a good diagnosis to re-energize it into optimum health levels.

Business Growth

With people stuck in their tasks and working in silos, there is no doubt that business growth gets stifled. An improved flow of interpersonal understanding leads to collaborative work environments that aid in achieving your company’s goals.


When people’s strengths are enabled, appreciated, and utilized in a safe container they organically step into their individual leadership styles. Positively so, this creates a sense of internal significance and external loyalty to the team and organization.


Putting your people’s strengths together in a sustainable state of synergy upgrades them from a serie B to a serie A team that can plays at an even higher standard. Let’s face it, they’re here with you to ‘win the championship’!


"97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project ( The reality is, without a synergized team, you have a de-energized team."
~ Khaled Ghorab

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