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My Promise To You

Couples who create consistent passion in their relationships have what I call "Relationship Intelligence". Those couples are the reason our society today has influential generations that lead from the heart. I'm in the business of building that kind of a generation, and I do that by serving couples who are ready to create that kind of love at home.

"Successful relationships that last are created using trust as the soil, vision as the fertilizer, purpose as the roots, and action as the water & sun that nurtures them."

~ Khaled Ghorab

What's in it for you?


Disarming the relationship toxins and rebuilding the foundation to remove any blocks of separation instantly creates a healthy, safe, & an environment that promotes growth for both of you!


If your relationship isn’t growing both of you together then the it has reached a stagnant point. Growth is a basic need for every human being leading to fulfillment, love, and direction. Commitment to growth is the pathway to leadership.


We’re all human beings that live to connect and contribute. Being in a passionate relationship automatically empowers you as an individual to live a fulfilled life. Imagine a fulfilling relationship with a partner that understands, accepts, loves, and grows you! This is one of the cornerstones of an extraordinary life!


It goes without saying that a couple or a person that has “relationship intelligence” is one that consistently finds ways to create the kind of love that will overcome challenges, conflicts, and difficulties. We don’t get rid of them, but we certainly handle them in a much better way!

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"A successful relationship has three components: Chemistry, Compatibility, and Communication."

~ Dr. Patricia Allen

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